Help us celebrate Tree Charter Day! 

Celebrate the power of trees to inspire. 

"Trees deserve to be celebrated. Each year the whole of UK society should unite in celebrating the value and importance of trees and woods to people." 

On the last Saturday in November each year, as part of National Tree Week, local communities, schools, organisations and individuals should mark a national ‘Tree Charter Day’ with activities and events that celebrate and reinvigorate the relationship between people and trees.

The trees and woods around us are clues to how our history has shifted and our culture has changed over centuries. The diverse cultural associations of trees bring multicultural communities together and can foster a sense of belonging in the natural landscape. Our rich tree heritage should be remembered, celebrated and experienced, and Tree Charter Day is the perfect opportunity! 

Join in:

  • Saturday 24 November 

  • Everyone!

  • Everywhere!

*NEW* Celebration Packs available 

Each free Pack will include a Tree Charter toolkit and a Tree Charter Day wallchart, plus charter badges, celebration bunting and lots of other fun and practical resources to help Charter Branches and others prepare for and enjoy a 'tree-mendous' celebration at home and in the community.

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